Science, Science, Science… and my son loves it.

The other day my son Steven received his monthly science box in the mail from Steve Spangler Science.   My husband and I are both science teachers and so this apple hasn’t fallen far from our family tree.  I teach 5th grade science and my husband is a high school chemistry teacher.  We’ve always tried to help him to see how science is all around us and then this past Christmas, our “Elves” sent him a three month subscription to the Spangler science club.  Needless to say he was very excited!  So we decided to do some of the activities and review the product from both an adult and kid perspective.


The box comes with at least 3 activities based on a central theme.  This month’s activities all used synthetic “snow”.



Steven thought it was really cool to see the snow fluff up when you add water, and from a parent and teacher perspective I liked that he was learning about variables and data while he was having fun!  We did two of the activities and the then for the third Steven made snowballs and put them into the freezer to make a snowman in a couple of days.  We made a short review video (which was a lot of fun itself) about the box.  So you can watch it to get a better idea of what we did and how the activities went.  Enjoy!


Chasing Snowflakes

Teaching is my day job, but taking pictures is what I love to do in my off hours.  Living in Ohio one thing that there is no shortage of in the winter is snow!  I believe that you are always a lifelong learner and learning new things is fun when it’s something you love to do.  I have been trying to learn how to take pictures of snowflakes.

We’ve only had a couple snowfalls so far this year, so I’ve only tried once.  I used a Nikon D7100, my trusty little Nikon 35mm 1.8, and a set of extension tubes to help me get in close.  Here’s one of the shots I got!


Now I know that it’s not spectacular, but that’s part of the challenge of learning how to use my camera better.


Here’s another shot.  So although this first try wasn’t spectacular, I know that I should have at least one more try to to improve.  Who am I kidding?  Living here in Northeastern Ohio means that I should have a bunch of days to try  again.


I had a mission…

Well it was sort of a silly mission.  The city of Cleveland installed these new “Cleveland Script” signs in 3 places around the city.  They are all in locations that have scenic views of the city and I wanted to find them all!

 We live a little over an hour away from Cleveland, so it took me about a month or so and three trips to find them all.   We love Cleveland and try to get up there pretty frequently so that helps.

This was the first sign we made it to.  It has great close-up views of the city including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Great Lakes Science Center.



This one is in Edgewater Park and we stopped there to take pictures of the November Super Moon.


This was the last sign to catch and it is in the Tremont area of Cleveland.  In this one the Tower City building is all decked out in holiday colors.


 So mission complete!

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